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DNAIOFighter Reworked - It's back!

Mr def nerd

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Okay, so the past days I have decided to rewrite the whole fighter. It will keep all the previous features, but it will contain even more features now!




- B2P, will use your B2P tabs. NOTE: If you have this selected there is no need to add bones to the looting list nor is it to add peaches to the eating list

- Prayer, allows you to use all the prayers in the prayer book

- Looting, loots any items you want based on names & ids 

- Eating, its any food you would like to at any health.

- Price checker, if you are looting items the bot will automaticly calculate the total profit + per hour with an efficient method that only requires an item to be searched for twice

- Alchemy support, will alch items you specify

- Custom interface handler that handles interfaces such as stronghold of security and many others

- Special attack support, will use special attack with any weapon of your choice

- Fast and efficient attacking

- A new and easier to use GUI, potions should be easier to use aswell as prayers. Banking is still the same although you are not able to use the previous presets.

- New loading system allowing it to load even more efficient

- Cool logging feature that logs all actions while the script is running!












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Two things that I would love to see in a future update if you're going to make one:

1) Prayer flicking


2) Have an option so that if you're safe spotting slayer or something with range/mage, your character will always stay in that 1 tile, if it moves out, auto move back to the tile.


Anyhow, nice script.

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