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  1. @Czarcan you add auto tele if pker detected for wildy slayer?
  2. Looking to buy 25$ worth of rsgp via venmo. Post or pm if want to sell. Will go first to trusted.
  3. I am serious. I'm not anti vax just because I don't trust doctors with my best interest. If you ever researched finasteride and the biochemistry behind it, then you too would understand.
  4. doctor's dont care about you. They will be happy to write you a prescription to finasteride. The big pharma companies are in their pockets.
  5. dont use finasteride. Many individuals experience sides that last even after stopping the medication. Not worth the damage to your body. I recommend looking into cb-03-01. Basically you'd have to buy the powder yourself as its not on market right now and mix it in a vehicle solution. But there would be no systemic side effects from it like finasteride. Also using minoxidil on the side for growth.
  6. Did you add me on Discord? (Yes/no) no Name of Quests/Skills: 100qp + barrow gloves Looking to pay (Optional)70-80m Do you agree to T.O.S?: (Yes/no)yes
  7. pure quests including desert treasure quest line. quests up to mith gloves. animal magnetism, monkey madness 1, waterfall
  8. Need 100 quest points and rfd series done. post price. ill pm
  9. Venezulean to english google translate fail
  10. Mr Asshole

    Botting a pure.

    Make sure you don’t use sand crabs bot. Got banned but my fault for taking other people’s spot. Lol
  11. 40 att 63 str 75 range 30 mage for fresh lvl 3. waterfall done too
  12. Order Form: Did you add me on Discord? yes Name of Quests/Skills: pure quests, attack, strength, range Looking to pay (Optional) Do you agree to T.O.S?: yes
  13. stats i want. prayer is fine up to 25
  14. 50att 63 str 1 def 75 range 30 mage 1 pray quested animal magnetisim, grand tree, tree gnome village, waterfall fight arena death plateau tourist trap horror from deep post price. ill pm
  15. User hasn't replied on discord. Was online on discord and has been afk. Saw him in osbot chat a hour or less ago so guessing hes ignoring me.
  16. Greengo agreed to do some leveling and quests for a starter pure build. I was quoted 25m which I gave to him on Wednesday. He said he would have it done by Friday. Account was not ready by friday. He said it would take another 2-3 days but no progress has been made on the account since i gave him the fresh level 3. I'm not sure what's going on but he said he was sick and hasn't been on osbot since Wednesday. Can't reach him on discord either. I have attached the corresponding screenshots in a album.
  17. Different proxies on each?
  18. Definitely need to rest accounts before bottling. Make sure to break every hour or so. Do some manual skilling/quests/mini games between sessions.
  19. I don't believe it. Cuz everyone knows agility is most bannable skill
  20. I was banned due to using force attack option and getting reported. I believe player reports played a big part in my ban.
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