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[bans] It's been a week since Jagex Accounts.


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Have you experienced more bans since the update? (and is it obvious if the new "UUID" stuff is having an effect/is it too early to tell?)

Has anyone done enough testing with Jagex accounts to tell if there is a higher ban rate/more consistent/chain bans?

What effects do you think this update will have in the short and long term on botting. Do you expect Jagex to start banning based on HWID/IP's and other identifiers more often?

I've been discussing this update with people across a lot of communities. Personally I'm not 100% sure if any of these changes will make much of a difference, except the Jagex Account change. Once we all run out of old version accounts - which admittedly could take a long time - spamming accounts for botting/selling will likely be impacted, until people automate email sign ups and even then I think the amount of bots that can be produced per day is still going to go down.
So far (like some other topics) I've seen basically a 50/50 split, some people say they are experiencing more bans,  others say it's a "skill issue".
Some people think botting is over, other people think nothing is going to change.

What do you think?

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Well, I just got back to botting. I logged into my old account with only 79 mining. I botted yesterday for about 7 hours and this morning I tried logging in and it got banned. I was using Czar scripts which are amazing in general. I was botting on F2P but the ban came so soon that I moved back to a mouse recorder with random delays and random pixel clicks. 

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