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tips in general for goldfarming


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I think the best tip would be to start slow and scale things up once you find a profitable and reliable method. Your methods may constantly change and most people won't share their method once they find something profitable.

There are only so many viable methods and the best methods are the ones that nobody knows about. Especially not the anti cheat team. The number of worlds and number of hours in a day are finite. To invite someone to the same spots as you at the same time isn't going to be very beneficial.

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Best way is to have a mule with loads of bonds inside, to give money to goldfarmer accounts.

At the beginning it's good to have a few f2p accounts until you get your first 50m. I personally like to use non trade restricted items such as gold bars and iron bars, so when I started out I used crafting bot and smithing bot to make gold rings (crafter) and smelt iron/silver bars (smither) and they are great moneymakers for f2p, I think 100k/hr with almost 0 reqs :doge:

Then start looking at p2p methods here:


And then you can adapt your accounts to certain builds e.g. vyre thieving, abyss runecrafting, etc. I personally am addicted to runecrafting atm so I use guardians bot and runecrafting bot to get my 1m/hr at nats :doge: 

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