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SOS - Help with correct SDN package structure


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Hey guys, I need help 

I have an open script application for the SDN but I got some feedback that I am stuck on trying to resolve.

Anyone familiar with the SDN, can you please review this screenshot of the feedback I got on the script. I am having a hard time understanding what I am supposed to do. If I remove 'dependencies' from the import paths like suggested, intellij shows a "Cannot resolve symbol 'util'" error. The script compiles perfectly locally as it is. My project structure can be seen on the SDN here
CPBloodAltar has a /src folder which contains the java file shown in the fist screen shot linked above ^. 

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful thank you :D 

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Okay so I don't use IntelliJ but I can see that dependencies are still not set up correctly. 

For example this import:


Should be


So "dependencies" can't be a package, it needs to be part of the src folder. If there is a way in IntelliJ to convert the dependencies into its own "project" or module w/e then definitely give it a try. Maybe ask @ProjectPact for an invite to the scripter chat or join the osbot discord? Most scripters use intellij because of the APA guide but imo it's overkill.

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