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Script Factory Pro Edition


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Script Factory Pro Edition has now been added directly into Script Factory 2.0! Checkout the purchase link below to grab the newest copy of Script Factory!





Current list of features:

1. Click to Script

2. Fatigue mode

3. Randomized mouse profiles

4. Advanced debugger

5. Ability to increase method numbers by 'X'

6. Method number debugger

7. Autosave

8. Failsafe auto logout

9. Method Number Formatter (new)

10. Observer Mode (new)

11. Stat Tracker Export (new)




  1. Click to Script:
    - Build the entire base of your scripts by playing the game instead of scripting! Automatically generate checks and actions without ever having to input any information. The intelligent filter system is able to detect specific entities such as RS2Objects, NPCs, GroundItems and Players, as well as handle Inventory and widget interactions! Choose between Click to Script registering data by name, or id with a simple checkbox! Enable/disable Click to Script on the fly without ever skipping a beat. Finally, the future of scripting is here!


    Demonstration of 'Click to Script' in real time:

  2. Fatigue mode
    - A form of anti-bot detection that simulates human fatigue characteristics that are randomly generated for each account you run. No two accounts will have the same play-style. Data generated is based on real analytics collected from multiple credible sources, which including multiple university studies. This feature is designed to mimic the fatigue humans feel when performing a task over time.

  3. Randomized mouse profiles
    - Mouse data is a known variable that is tracked by Jagex. This feature is designed to randomize each of your account's mouse characteristics so none of them will be similar one another. You have total control over how random your profiles should be.

  4. Advanced debugger
    - Designed to make your job simple when creating scripts. Find all information you need in one place, without having to hover any Entity like OSBot's debugger requires. Auto cache, populate and update entities on the fly. Track in real time the data for your entity so you can do more scripting and less time debugging. Quest configs, Projectile configs as well as Animation configs have been added to make finding data even easier!

  5. Ability to increase method numbers by 'X'
    - Instead of being forced to increase/decrease method numbers by 1, you may now set a custom amount. This is very useful for users who would like to space out their scripts so they have wiggle room if they ever needed to add another method in later on.

  6. Method Number Debugger
    - Now specifically pin point any issues with your script in real time with the Method Number Debugger. It displays which checks are passing, failing, or are unreachable for any given method number so you may quickly fix any issues!

    Passed = Check was successful
    Failed = Check was unsuccessful
    Incomplete = Check was not validated due to the failure of a prior check

  7. Autosave
    - Say goodbye to losing your work! Now you may customize how often you want autosave to run. Your scripts will be backed up and stored on your computer for easy access.

  8. Failsafe auto logout
    - You will now be able to set a time threshold before your player logs out due to inactivity based on player movement, exp gained or player animations. You will also have the ability to take screenshots before logging out to help debug any issues that could have potentially occurred with your script(s) or public scripts. This will be very beneficial in preventing your account from logging in and out for hours on end, which should reduce bans caused by script malfunctions drastically!

  9. Method Number Formatter
    - Stop worrying about how pretty your script is while you are writing it. Constantly adding new methods, removing old methods, or even shifting things around causes your method numbers to become scrambled. Now, you may simply paste your script in the Method Number Formatter and have it prettify your code immediately! 

  10. Observer Mode

    Control an unlimited amount of accounts via one client, and watch them mimic your actions. Harness the power of Click to Script with the new Observer Mode.


  11. Stat Tracker Export
    - Save all of your account's progress in a text file within your OSRS Script Factory folder! Whenever an account logs in, or levels up, their Stack Tracker profile gets updated. This is very beneficial to keep track of your accounts progress without logging in, as well as being able to hook up 3rd party applications to OSRS Script Factory and extract account data.

  12. More coming soon!
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I purchased the pro - Im in the learning stages of using the program. the community is great, it's geared towards developing knowledge of the end user. Script Factory is THE script to achieve a unique play style, that's desired in the automated Runescape community 🦧


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12 hours ago, N7u7k7e said:

I purchased the pro - Im in the learning stages of using the program. the community is great, it's geared towards developing knowledge of the end user. Script Factory is THE script to achieve a unique play style, that's desired in the automated Runescape community 🦧



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