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Dialog section of my script slows to a crawl over time but fixes if I pause/unpause

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public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException {
    if(getDialogues().inDialogue()) {
        if(getDialogues().isPendingContinuation()) {
        } else if(getDialogues().isPendingOption()) {

    return random(1000, 1500);


I cut out the part where it talks to the NPC, but this is the gist of it. After like 5 minutes the dialog click through slows down to doing the interaction like once every 5-10 seconds. If I pause and unpause the script it goes back to regular speed. Just trying to figure out why it slows down so much. Is there something wrong with this?

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Your onLoop return value is quite high, have you considered a more responsive value, e.g. ~200?

As for your issue, I can't see any immediate issue with your code, so the issue may be stemming from a different area in your code. Do you have any errors logged in your console?


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