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trying to make my script eat while it is webwalking?

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So to start with, here is me getting the dynamic skill level:

public int currentHP(int currentHealth){
        currentHealth = getSkills().getDynamic(Skill.forName("HITPOINTS"));
        return currentHealth;

    int currentHealth = 0;

This is me creating a loop while it is webwalking so that it eats when health is 6 or below:

else if(downLadder.contains(myPlayer()) && !getInventory().isFull()){
                if(currentHP(currentHealth) >= 6 && getInventory().contains("Trout")){
                    getInventory().interact("Trout", "Eat");


It doesn't actually eat any food regardless of how much health my player has. Any idea where i'm going wrong?

Cheers in advance guys!

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Try checking this out


WalkingEvent myEvent = new WalkingEvent(new Position(1, 2, 3)); //making the event
myEvent.setBreakCondition(new Condition() {
    public boolean evaluate() {
        return myPlayer().isUnderAttack();
    } //change to if health below x
execute(myEvent); //executing the event



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The webwalker will run it's own event and you will not be able to do any interactions as the script is not re-looping.

you can do what @skillerkidos1 suggested but you'll have to remember that you'll have to re-initiate the webwalk event


There are other ways around this if you decided to put in a ton of work :doge:

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