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all of my premium scripts are not working

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Not sure if I have posted this in the right section, but I had to do a separate thread talking about the issues that I am facing as it seems like there is a mutual defect(s) in them all.

I haven't been botting for a long while and I wanted to ease back into it with Agility. I downloaded the client, logged into my account and to my surprise I had a few premium scripts that I completely forgot about.

- Perfect Fighter by @Czar

- Perfect Magic AIO by @Czar

- Molly's Thiever by @Molly

- APA AIO Smither by @Apaec

- Frost Caves by @FrostBug

I just wanted to try and keep the client running for a few hrs to test waters and see what kind of developments did the client go through since I last used it before purchasing a new script. However, none of the scripts worked. They either did nothing or was heading somewhere random.

So I'm just trying to understand whether the scripts are outdated and are no longer useable or there is something else causing this malfunction. 

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All scripts on the repo are up to date and regularly updated. I have personally used a few of these scripts recently so I can verify they're working. Lets try and determine what the problem is though. If you go onto the logger (see the screenshot): https://gyazo.com/0b6810bddf18289f3fc31d7a92711cd8 Once you open that you'll see a lot of text. you can save it to a notepad by pressing the save icon and then messaging the script authors to see if they can determine the problem. I would make sure you've set the scripts up correctly as sometimes selecting an option can cause the script to go haywire if it's going to work against itself.

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I've done some test runs with the AIO smithing script and everything appears to be working as expected.

Perhaps this might be a configuration issue? As @Spacesaid, do check the console logger as this is a common place where scripts to write important information.

If you're still having issues, please get in touch! Either a PM or on the script thread is fine :)


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