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Why is this code lagging/crashing my script?

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As soon as it collects the chaos rune, it starts lagging and giving null point exception errors. I have NO idea why. Can anyone shed some light please? :/

	public int onLoop() throws InterruptedException {

		GroundItem cRune = getGroundItems().closest("Chaos rune");

		if (cRune.isVisible() && cRune != null) {
			Sleep.sleepUntil(() -> !cRune.isVisible(), 1000);
		} else {
			sleep(random(500, 1500));
		return 700;


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7 minutes ago, Gunman said:

@Lol_marcus Try swapping the .isVisible() and null check around in the first if statement. And your sleep condition may also throw an NPE. If it does just change it out with !cRune.Exists()

Did both and it seems to have stabilized. Thanks for that. :)

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