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[Mirror Mode v3.09.188] Dropping Bug


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Mirror mode version: v3.09.188



Dropping items on mirror mode, shift dropping included, takes a painfully long time to perform. However, the exact same dropping methods on injection works perfectly. This problem has been reported multiple times before I know, however it has never been properly addressed.

Output: N/A

Script Ran: Any script that uses OSBot's dropping methods (Not a custom dropper)

JVM/Browser bit version (32 / 64): Tested on both 32 & 64 bit versions, as well as Mac and Windows operating systems.

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Funny how I just read everything regarding this issue as I wanted to speed things up in general on Mirror Mode. So, how about changing the post to: Global Mirror Mode speed up. As that and proxy support would finally be in place in my opinion for Mirror Mode, after all these years. Other bot client, not gonna name it,  going to outdo OSBot.

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