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Banned without using a script

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I bought an account with membership with tutorial island done & a proxy from 2 different TRUSTED members, this was a couple days before today.

So today I decided I wanted to manually make an NMZ account. I wasn't sure what to do with it any further but that's not important for this topic.

I started by trading over a couple of items from another account & then proceeding to train some crafting (MANUALLY). After getting 31 crafting I moved on to getting 10 agility on the Gnome Village Agility Course & then glory-teleported to Draynor Village for some more agility.

While doing agility I got the connection lost message & when going to my Account Status I was permanently banned.

My question is, was I banned because I traded with another account, because the IP was flagged or was it just because botting was detected before I got my account & thus a delayed ban?

Thanks in advance,






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1 hour ago, Maldesto said:

You got lied too, or delayed ban. Those accounts weren't rested, and if they were they were delay bans which happen. I would tell the guy you bought them from and try to get exchange accounts. 

Pretty much this. You may not have botted it, but they sure did. In addition Jagex is pretty good now at recognizing accounts that are preparing to bot.

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3 hours ago, Hybris said:

Even so the account was rested one week after tutorial island & 1 week after prime & that's when I played it, no bots & got banned within an hour, it's very strange.

I was banned 2 weeks later after account was botted. I logged in and checked if account is okai ( 2 weeks later ) and i traded over 15m and after like 15mins of playing the account was banned while sitting at G.E.

Simple, delay ban.

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