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Hybris's Feedback

  1. 1anter left Positive feedback   

    Sold them a account , nice buyer

    Hybris was The Buyer

  2. totistikus left Positive feedback   

    Did services for him on 6 accounts. Very patient and really co-operative. Absolutely recommended.

    Hybris was The Buyer

  3. Sphynxx left Positive feedback   

    Did a big service of nmz accounts for him. He's a good guy and trustworthy.

    Hybris was The Buyer

  4. zwaffel left Positive feedback   

    Did a service for me, thnaks :)

    Hybris was The Seller

  5. stlarrow left Positive feedback   

    Despite being scammed for hundreds of rsgp he could've just said screw finishing my account. He still managed to finish the service even though he got nothing out of it. I respect this guy more then anything. Got me 60-75 range, thanks alot man.

    Hybris was The Seller

  6. D Bolter left Positive feedback for a topic   

  7. Sibbernski left Positive feedback   

    Did a fast questing for me thanks!

    Hybris was The Seller

  8. ykk left Positive feedback   

    sold some 7 day mem acc quick and easy :) a++

    Hybris was The Seller

  9. nowyourgone left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Spam Bots Needed
    Could not be happier with the service. Reliable service and always online to implement changes. Hybris works hard to fulfil exactly what is wanted. 2 weeks collaboration so far with many more to come!

    Hybris was The Seller

  10. Decode left Positive feedback   

    Completed a service for me, thanks a lot.

    Hybris was The Seller

  11. Antonio Kala left Positive feedback   

    Did another order thanks :)

    Hybris was The Seller

  12. bbland1992 left Positive feedback   

    Had a couple of quests done and also a slayer task which they took care of for me, very quick great prices would use again

    Hybris was The Seller

  13. Antonio Kala left Positive feedback   

    Did an entire order for me really quick responses and friendly thanks.

    Hybris was The Seller

  14. Chunky_Chick left Positive feedback   

    Did mm1 for me! great guy!

    Hybris was The Seller

  15. Persians left Positive feedback   

    Amazing! Very helpful and patient

    Hybris was The Seller

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