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PPOSB - AIO Woodcutter

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PPOSB - AIO Woodcutter


1-99 in a single click!

Click here to purchase!


* Now supports CLI






See all updates here:





* Simple to use GUI 

* Progressive leveling or selective leveling

* Advanced algorithms for object detection as well as predictions

* Choose pre-defined locations or create your own

* Choose between banking or dropping (shift-dropping supported)

* Progressive mode automatically detects safe areas based off aggressive NPC's

* Automatic detection for the best equipment you can use, or define specific equipment to use

* Pre-hovering next interaction

* Custom mouse and interaction handling system

* Advanced paint display

* Fail-safe's to make sure your player does not get stuck

* Supports tele-tabs and well as traveling on ships

* World hopping supported

* GUI automatically updates locations available for your desired resource

* Infernal items supported with special attack features

* Takes a screenshot and logs out if you receive a pet drop

* And much more!


Script Details:




Example CLI arguments:


Script IDs:

Project AIO Fisher: 1064

-script 1064:bank=true#grandExchange=true#altchat=false


If using mirror mode, please make sure you set your Reaction time to 50ms! (To do so, hold Shift and press F4 until the Reaction time reaches 50ms)


** To reduce the risk of your bot getting stuck, please disable rooftops in your settings **


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