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I'm a returning botter from the old days, back in 2008-ish (god I feel old). I got bored with the game after comping and thought I'd give scripting a shot. I'm a 2nd year Computer Science student with some Java experience which may or may not be useful in the botting world - this remains to be seen...

I look forward to botting with you all!


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57 minutes ago, Impensus said:

Welcome to the Osbot community! Your java experience will be very useful, the api is very user friendly. I’d recommend jumping in feet first and trying very ambitious projects as chances are you will find them easier than you think.

That's good to hear, I was a touch intimidated at first. Thanks!

12 minutes ago, Decode said:

Welcome to the OSBot community, if you have any forum related questions, or need any help dont hesitate in dropping me a pm.

Wonderful, thanks!

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