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Botting conspiracies


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Some things I do while botting;

I dont bot on Mondays or Thursdays.

I dont bot over night.

I dont bot the same hours every day [start 10am-4pm today] [start 9am-6pm tomorrow]

I dont bot runecrafting, woodcutting, mining, firemaking. [EVER]

I always bot using Mirrored mode if possible. 

What about you?

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i never share my rsn with my mom in case she rats me out to jagex

i only bot on the first half hour of every odd hour, and never on the 15th of any given month

i never bot on a sunday, because that's when jesus is watching

lastly, i always make sure i use scripts that constantly check for woodcutting exp in order to deterrent any jagex employee from checking my activity

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