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A Nmz set up that gives 5-10k construction xp per hour.


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have these 4 unlocked on normal rumble

Arrg - 113CB (drops big bones)

Dad 101CB (drops big bones)

Skeleton hell hound 97 CB (drops big bones)

Black knight titan (drops big bones)


have any 1 of the following low level fillers that you can kill fast

count draynor 34CB

Sea snake 35CB

king roland 47CB

trapped soul 30CB


any monster that drops big bones has a 1/400 chance to drop a long bone and a 1/5000 curved bond  these can be instantly handed in to a goblin after death to the dorgashan quest for 4.5k and 6.75k each



to kill all 5 once you get around 1.1-1.3k xp depending on your set

meaning you get about 70-130 kills of each in a hour depending on stats and gear


280-520/400 chances at a long bone per hour

280-520/5000 chances at a curved bone per hour


if you max in nmz with this boss and get over the 39m xp for 99 att str def then you would kill each monster roughly 32098 times


321 long bones (1283k con xp)

25.7 curved bones  (173.3k con xp)

math for 3 bosses below ignore as found a 4th


240 long bones (960k con xp)

19.25 curved bones(130k con xp) 

you might miss a few on the floor if you are hardcore afking but runelite highlights them so they are pretty easy to see

if there is a 4th or 5th nmz boss that drops big bones the chance increase a lot, I have not found any yet tho. (EDIT Black knight titan)


30-75+ construction free on a regular max main.  

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42 minutes ago, b0tscape said:

They drop in nmz?

yes ive got like 10 already

49 minutes ago, GeneralMayor said:

I believe the black night titan also drops long bones

He doesnt drop big bones so im not sure if he does but ill try including him for a while and see 

just got 1 while i was testing for other big bone creatures lol

from a dad


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51 minutes ago, Chuckle said:

it would literially just be loot long bones + curve bones if they are on the floor. they are so rare that the users could bank them manually every few hours. 

or add a bank if you have over 10 in invent maybe for lazy people 

Might add a toggle to GUI, everyone loves a toggle

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