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Vaakii's Journey


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Hello friends!


Welcome to my Journey. A few days a week, I will describe my incredible botting journey. I'm gonna start from scratch and without any knowledge of scripting and botting in osrs. I'm not only gonna bot but take part into multiple project like becoming a trusted hand made NMZ ready account. 

I've always liked thread like this and now I'm finally taking part of it.

Follow me and embark into the tale of my life!



DAY 1:

I bought 2 VPS and 8 proxies. (Thanks alot @D Bolter

I should be able to run 8 bots at the same time. I start small to test what method will be the most efficient in gold/hour and the banrate.

Now I'm wondering what I could make them do.... What I'm sure of is they are all F2P for now. 

Eventually, the goal would be a fully automatic farm. But I'm far from that right now! 

I think I'm gonna send them to mining or woodcutting.


On the side, since a few days I started grinding by hand an account for NMZ. He is currently 60/60/58! It's flying fast :)



Alright, so first goal would be to reach 1 Million gp. Be right back friends :) 


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39 minutes ago, Vaaki said:

@myOSBaccount The little down payment is worth it because i'm having fun at the same time :) I actually didn't want to bot on my own IP. I have a main account that I'm leveling legit.


Thanks all

see just from you saying that i can see you have much to learn :D

your main account would definitely be safe even if you were to bot on a few accounts with the same ip as it. you could probably even transfer the profits from the bots to your main, all on the same ip, and still be fine (assuming this is just for experimentation and not too large scale).

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