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(LOOKING FOR PARTNER) Farming With my Own Script 2.0

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Hi! It is time to give goldfarming another shot. Kind of ran out of freetime last I tried.

Decided to implement database support this time so I that I am able to control the whole farm by a dashboard and also automate as much as possible .


I will keep this thread updated with progress logs etc etc.

Made a small video where I show how the dashboard works. 

I have not put any effort in the design as you can see, might do that later. 

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to comment. 



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Thank you guys! Extra tack till dig,  Jammer ?

@Slicer Yes I've been working on this project for a couple of weeks. Thank you!

8 minutes ago, Slicer said:

made this all yourself? very impressive.


58 minutes ago, Jammer said:

Very impressive, I've been thinking of making an attempt at a gold farm myself and this was inspiring.

Lycka till!


1 hour ago, ConCon_ said:

Welcome back - That looks amazing - I need something like that 


1 hour ago, TRX said:



1 hour ago, JonCe said:

woa cool:) gl make that moonnnyy


2 hours ago, kazemaru said:

what bot is camtasia? looks nice

jk welcome back and make those $$ :D


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