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Mobile Bots?

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8 hours ago, Malcolm_OS said:

I had this conversation on another post.

IMO I think its very unlikely for anybody to develop a bot for mobile and here is why:

  1. The amount of work to create the client, API, etc
  2. The amount of time it would take to develop everything and then get scripters
  3. You then need to find people to use your bot in a market thats already fairly small IMO
  4. The power of a phone really wouldn't suit most botters, how are you supposed to gold farm on a phone as that is what most botting is these days.
  5. Nobody is going to develop a bot on a MAYBE IF it is detectable. Even if its undetectable (a huge gamble for the amount of work that is required to develop this) Jagex will eventually catch up. So IF it isn't detectable eventually Jagex will adapt and it will be detectable so we will be exactly where we are now. 

Time is money, developing a bot for mobile is time. Is the amount of profits seen > Development of this mobile bot?

IMO, very unlikely.

I've used tons of bots, free, privately made, premium. Following all the anti-ban rules I've never had an acc last longer than a week but people brag about multiple accounts at 99. I can't figure the shit out or I'd start a farm.

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Well if you consider making an emulator or some shit like blue stacks does and make a bot that way. It would use the power of a computer but behave as a mobile user. Don't know if any of you considered that. Could also gold farm it that way too but would need scripts to support a "Emulator" mode. Would probably be a huge over haul atm honestly but also be huge profits for a while to those who do it.

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I downloaded bluestacks,  downloaded a ghost mouse to record my actions then recorded myself doing things like woodcutting/fletching/training strength and attack at rock crabs. Before i record myself i open chrome and get a stopwatch going so i can time how long i record for, after i record myself training and time it, i open a random mouse clicker that i can set when it will click,  i put the time i recorded +4 seconds and highlight the play button on the ghost mouse, have trained fletching and ranged both to 95 leaving it running for over 24 hours over 20 times without a break or other human interation, anyone who says bot detection is the same as pc is completely incorrect. Have gained over 30m xp without talking to a single person ever, just fletched 12k yew longs last night ;).  you have to use your brain to get this to work efficiently and you have to account for lagg and very minor screen movement, better to have zoomed in more so it never clicks the wrong place. Hope you all enjoy.

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