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  1. Added, but I pref using rdp software
  2. Looking to get a quote for fighter torso on my Ironman. 73 att 70 str 70 def Only trusted people + only through teamviewer or other Rdp software.
  3. Correct I was banned on p****bot. The reason why is I scammed 200$pp or so, is what they say. I had chuckle investigate my PayPal account and he didn't see mee receiving the amount, but didn't UnbannEd me. I didn't really care since I could use other forums like sythe and osbot. I was using sythe for a fair amount of time, with succeafull transactions, but they banned me because I got banned on p****bot. All my other accounts on sythe got banned because I got banned on p****bot. There was no dispute against me it was just that 1 little proplem. Here we are 5 years later? Did some account sales with no problems, and didn't got any dispute against me either. Hope you can remove my twc, since I proofed on p****bot already I didn't received the PayPal, and after all this years I get the twc on osbot.
  4. May I ask what price u got for it?
  5. Type of trade: gp for account My contact (discord):Keviin#4600 407589936288759819 His contact (discord):biggmoney1#2067 398312599722131456 Tos? I agree
  6. Hello, I'm selling all my CSGO skins pref for 07 gp. Here's a Pic of the most valuable items. I'm more then happy to use a MM https://imgur.com/a/u5QeqsW
  7. Hello, The zerker is already sold, I mean the main account I got for sale. https://osbot.org/forum/topic/154078-sick-main-4-sale-with-2-pets-with-original-e-mail/
  8. Got a starter main 1570+ total look my topic
  9. KevinOG

    Csgo skins

    Looking to buy cs skins pref knives. Post what you got with a price.
  10. @ukasz can you confirm he is indeed the OO of account 2 and not you?
  11. Are you the OO of account 2? Is there any chance u will give the email with it?
  12. Got a maxed zerker, easy to make it a main
  13. As title said, want to spend 225m pref all in 1 deal
  14. KevinOG

    Csgo Keys

    Buying Csgo keys 3m ea, no hydra keys.
  15. I got 1 lvl 32 and 1 lvl 30 Level 30 is smurf account not that many Champs. Lvl 32 got almost every champ with 40k essence left, so it's possible to buy the others. (got some skins asswell) last placement was s5 I guess after that I quitted. (was plat)
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