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Why you should never gamble against you're favor

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Just wanted to show you how gambling works for the house and why you should never gamble welcome to class osbot. Im making this in response to the sponsorship video by a friend.

My thoughts on A friend being RWT banned



50.5%[primedice] [staking tax on runescape 0k-10m] [i believe this is a friends youtube video website odds too]

100$ bet = 200$ pot

200$x.505=101$ [prime dice makes 1$ per a 100$ you wager on average]



52% [magebet] [[staking tax on runescape 100m+]

100$bet=200$ pot

200$x.52=104$ [ mage bet makes 4$ per every 100$ wagered on average]



53%[the normal asked for on a runescape 1b stake]

100$ bet=200$ pot

200x.53=106$ [ 1.1xers made around 6$ per a 100$ bet on them or 10m per a 100m~]


Enjoy the class just to put into perspective how much money you are losing when you gamble :)

If you dont comprehende basically Its nearly impossible to profit longterm on these odds and if you ever find yourself stupid enough to gamble against you're odds run when your up

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