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  1. Should add that they won't chain ban you either, unless you're spamming like dozens of bots on one ip. So even if you bot on the main as well, and your alt gets banned, your main still has a solid chance of slipping by.
  2. Has 92 fish (+ fishing outfit and quest) + 83 craft + 57 agil + 57 strength friend told me it's 20m, looking for other estimates
  3. got over 40 perms on my home ip and still going strong. just don't bot cows with a script that has like 30000 users lol
  4. "you probably need them for your ass" LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  5. So if you have three items of the same type `getItems` will give you one object? Or is it that when you interact with the item it automatically selects the first one in the inventory? Either way it's dumb as hell. When you interact with an item you should expect to actually interact with that specific item.
  6. Item first = null; for (Item i : getInventory().getItems()) { if (satisfiesStuff(i)) { if (first != null) { first.use(i); //forgot wtf piece of the api it was again and can't be bothered to look it up break; } else { first = i; } } }
  7. You will have to set up a whole load of drivers and shit for a long time. I custom built a lightweight pc with the intention of installing ubuntu (this was quite a long time ago). After about 4 hours of unsuccessfully attempting to install 16.04 and trying all sorts of fixes I discovered that it was incompatible with the motherboard. So I had to downgrade to 14.04, reburn the disc, install again, which took another 30 minutes to an hour. After that, it took another couple of hours to get the runescape client, right java version, and some miscellaneous stuff (drivers, blahblah) to get set up. You will end up with a lot of stackoverflow pages open with the "best answer" completely useless. Ubuntu is also considered one of the more user-friendly distros. The hours do add up. If you are a casual user then don't go with linux. If you aren't a casual then it might be different.
  8. bruh a friend took 100 thousand fucking USD to advertise steak dot com, i would take that any day besides they already say you need to be 18 or up to register on that site
  9. 40 att, 49 str, 41 mage, 41 hp 50+ wc, 45+ fishing, 20+ mining 79 crafting, 69 smithing 15 day members left
  10. step 1 make account step 2 start bot step 3 dont get banned step 4 profit ur welcome tips are appreciated
  11. the account is gonna get recovered whether it is in 3 days or 3 years better to just make an account and pay people to train it
  12. sixth LMAOOOOOOOO am i funny yet
  13. are you sure you're creating the jar? Try this: Click build > artifacts > bgdk or check "Include in project build" and then compile normally
  14. I'll donate 2 gp. Only rule is that I win the entire pot.
  15. HMMMMMMM public Area[] getSlayerMasterAreas() { Area turael = new Area(2928, 3539, 2935, 3534); Area mazchna = new Area(3505, 3514, 3519, 3505); Area vannaka = new Area(3144, 9915, 3149, 9912); Area chaeldar = new Area(2440, 4435, 2449, 4429); Area nieve = new Area(2429, 3428, 2437, 3420); Area duradel = new Area(2866, 2984, 2872, 2980).setPlane(1); Area[] slayerMasters = new Area[]{turael, mazchna, vannaka, chaeldar, nieve, duradel}; return slayerMasters; } aio slayer when
  16. your parentheses are messed up lol. You're welcome
  17. best moneymaker is going on rs3 and hoping to land the 200m jackpot
  18. i have like 6 accounts banned on the same ip and main/alt are still going strong. They really only care if you're like trying to gold farm.
  19. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i got banned. Hopefully I can quash.
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