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Jio's - AIO Thiever Updated [v1.4]

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Today, i am releasing the Thieving Script i have been working.


  1. Turn NPC attack option OFF (ingame options->controls->NPC 'Attack' options:Hidden).
  2. Turn auto-retaliate off.
  3. Start the script.
  4. Fill the GUI.


  • Dodgy necklaces
  • Multiple Food Option including Jug of wines
  • Custom EatThreshold
  • Custom Food Amount
  • Custom necklace amount
  • Multiple NPC's
  • Informative Paint
  • Basic Gui 
  • Supports world hopping


Quick fixed a move Camera Event




Special Credits to: @FrostBug  For helping me implementing these features.


Release v1.2:

  • Added Silk Stalls
  • Fixed Fatal bugs
  • New Paint
  • New GUI
  • Added all Food
  • Fixed Sleeps, improved Logic




Download Link to Latest version: 


@ukhoppa for Paint Outline Text.

@Explv For his tutorial on Obfuscation.



21 hours ago, JioMy said:

Release v1.3:

  • Fixes to MasterFarmer
  • Added Looting from trapped guards
  • Randomised Coinpouch Open Value
  • Added dropping and banking of Empty jugs if using jugs of wine

Download: AIO Thiever v1.3.jar

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V1.4 Changelog:

  • Fixed Running back to the bank while Hopping.
  • Fixed Loop if Script started with Bank Open.
  • Optimised Coin Pouch Sleeps
  • Fixed Camera Events
  • New Paint & More informative Paint
  • Added banking Empty Jugs when Jug of wines are used

Note: Progressive mode in GUI is a WIP doesn't work yet. ( Untick it.)

Download V1.4: AIO Thiever v1.4.jar


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