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Buying private script

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Hi all, 

I would like to buy a private script, preferably from a scripter ++ rank or above. The script is not cheap so I would like to make sure it gets done as best as possible. I tried contacting Eagle but he is going on vacation  for four weeks, which is quite a bit for me to wait. I would like to have the private script here on Osbot as its a very attractive client and I wanted to buy sponsor rank here and start botting heavily for years to come. Hopefully I can have my private script here. 


Any scripters out there up for the challenge? Please post or send me a PM. 


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1 hour ago, spanishguy said:

Have you done or currently have any active scripts? Not sure if non-scripters can sell private scripts though?

I do, but they're not on this forum. Yes, non scripters are allowed to sell privates. I believe there's some guidance to this somewhere on the forums.

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If you're still looking, I may be interested. Don't have a rank, but I do have access to upload scripts (just haven't got time to release a CDN script yet). I have one released free script with fantastic feedback however; 

I also work in software and finished my degree a few months ago in Computer Science. Send me a pm or Skype @ 'aapalapa' if you wanna talk.

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