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Reno question

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I started renovating my apt over the weekend and need help deciding. 

What we have chosen so far:

dark gray/blackish wood lamiate flooring

white cabinates

backsplash mosaic tile (picture below)

gray/white painted walls


I am re-laminating the counter tops in the kitchen and I want black for contrast with the white cupboards, but the gf likes the most white top. You choose out of the 5.




ps. It was super hard to uploadpictures and copylinks from imgur on my phone, please increase max file size

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so I owned a renovation business for like 10 years...go black on countertop if your doing white cupboards ... if you have a lil extra money invest in new countertops its worth it in the end. quartz is the way to go as it doesint scratch like granite does and you don't have to be refinishing it every 6-12 months or putting a protective coating and if you go with  a new countertop u can put a edgeless sink in that makes it look very sharp. goodluck man kicthens can be nightmares to reno. and expensive as fuck 

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