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True tho


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Doesn't this already happen? :doge:


Now there's someone out there passing a tbow down a chain of accounts, knowing he gets to keep what he took (because Jagex very publicly always lets them know they get to keep what they steal).

Imagine if your local police department issued a public service announcement that they would no longer return stolen possessions, but simply punish the very first person in the chain that took the possessions with jail time.

Do you think your house would be safe? No. There'd be a handful of grunts (starter accounts) in jail, and the thieves would literally own your house. Meanwhile, the police are patting themselves on the back proudly as they look at the grunts they caught. "We're doing a great job keeping people's property safe", they say

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I don't think it's fair to compare virtual items with real life items. If someone hacks your account and then passes the valuables onto another account this could very well be your casual GP buyer. Imagine if they started targetting people who buy gold - perma ban them and give the items back to the original owners, it'd be a fucking chaos.

On top of that a lot of people will insta sell the bank when they get ahold of an account and the gold passes through a couple of different people. If Jagex starts banning those chains which may even up to 10 accounts in rare occasions the playerbase would drop crazy low.

In real life cops have to get certain warrants and what not to search you if they suspect you stole something, Jagex does not have to do anything - a simple command and they see all the info they want to see.


EDIT: You're comparing a public service which you're paying taxes towards and a privately owned gaming company.

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