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  1. Would you be able to add Stamina pots support? Great script btw
  2. its happened while using Khal's Agility, and Perefect Woodcutter by Czar
  3. Hey guys. I've been having a problem with my break handler, and was wondering if you guys can help. Whenever i set up my bot and set the break handler, it'll work perfectly but after 1 or 2 successful breaks, the break handler stops working and the bot will just continue botting without taking a break until it gets 6 hour logged. It doesn't happen every time, it's happened about 5-6 times so far (in a month span), and its gotten a few accounts banned because the account will bot for 6 hours non stop while im at work or school. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if i could somehow fix it. Thank you.
  4. I myself wouldn't risk my main like that since it's not guaranteed, and if you do decide definitely take pre cautions and bot minimal hours and with breaks
  5. You could tweet out to a mod and tell them that you're account was hacked & banned and if they could look into it, but there is an appeal option on the Rs main page. Just go to the main rs page --> support --> then in the search bar that comes up search "appeal" --> click account bans --> scroll all the way down and click " i understand and want to appeal ban"
  6. He most likely appealed the banned and said he was hacked and the hacker is the one that botted it (since it was on a different ip) then his ban got squashed
  7. Welcome back mate, and goodluck
  8. Don't see it being worth anything more than 300k
  9. bent0ver

    pc gdk's

    i can build you the gdks & im not sure how much a wildy elite account with those accounts would go for
  10. Fully quested attack & has mith gloves
  11. you wont get much of a main for 50m
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