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Got Perm Ban

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So was suiciding nmz for almost 2 and a half months got close to all flat base 99's.
Took a break for two weeks and played on the account myself questing and stuff, and when i decided to go back to botting got banned within 1hour of using pest control bot. :D 
GG 200m+ and all untradables.

ah well time to start over and not make the same mistake and bot easy.

Hmm.. made a new account finished tutorial island, and it got insta locked? o.O

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39 minutes ago, Destrupt said:

Pest control is a no go for botting, insta ban bro. And it's easier to get away with botting nmz since it's a private instance 

However, there’s still a decent ban rate there because of the interactions (prayer flicking for example).

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