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20m/hr [BUSTED]

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Is it possible that so many people have been missing a moneymaking method that has a potential of 20-50m per day while logging in one hour a day? I’ve found this method 2 days ago which in theory should be the said amount. Haven’t tested it yet since non members currently.

Will be posting an update in a week if this method does really work, got some low reqs I gotta grind out and get that bond too. 

Tested the method was flawed af, kinda noobie of me as a questcape owner for not realising this before. 

So I saw new crystal bows and shields go for 900k and 750k on the GE while I thought by myself these can be bought for 200k at the elfs. But not realising the elfs only recharge your bows and shield to full for 200k (after you recharge it 5 times, they will charge you 200k every time you try to recharge). The recharged bows would not be the tradeable ones that would go on the GE for 910k and 755k. These tradeable bows and shields are in a diffrent shop which sells them for 900k and 750k which makes them useless for moneymaking. My method is busted, thx to @w0000ticus for providing me the bond I will refund him within the promised 30 days as I said (probably much sooner).

I'm gonna cry myself now to sleep if you don't mind.

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Just now, mithrilman said:

Sounds too good to be true, but if it works then keep it quiet ha.


That’s the plan, I’ll prob just post screenies of the gp stacks if it works and when I kill the method I’ll make it public

Just now, w0000ticus said:

I wouldn't post a single thing here.
On that topic wanna tell me how its done?

Not gonna happen even if it works fam?

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If it doesn’t work as my theory I will also post the method ?

Also if any one wants to sponsor a bond so I can test this earlier than next week I’ll be refunding him 10x if it works. If it doesn’t work I’ll refund the bond within 30 days

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