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Khabib vs Ferguson

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42 minutes ago, w0000ticus said:

I am! I can't wait for this fight. I'm really excited for the women's straw-weight bout too. I don't think Joanna's gonna get her title back but I'm hoping she brings something fun to the table

I root for Khabib but honestly im a bit scared of what ferguson can bring. Its really hard to make a dicision on whos gonna win before the cage is closed lol.. yeah its interesting what joannas gonna bring, namajunas is a smart fighter imo.. but lets not forget how big mouth the boogiewoman had before the first fight with namajunas haha


17 minutes ago, uta said:

khabib will smash him

yeee, its number one bullshit if he doesnt smesh him

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36 minutes ago, monark999 said:

Never been more excited for a UFC card in my life.

Fuck Connor Mcgregor and fuck casuals. 

Definently buying the PPV. I can't risk it buffering.

Haha coudnt agree more! Im not gonna buy the ppv but watching it from a russian website, buuuuuuuut u could find some streamers doing funny shit like this one lmfao


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25 minutes ago, THS said:

@Maldesto @Rxd

This thread is now a reminder of the sacrifices to the MMA gods that enable this event to take place.

- We thank Brian Ortega for his sacrifice, even though he was not given a choice this time :doge:

10 years ago Ortega was sacrificed for this.

Tony time bitches!


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