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  1. Is there a vast difference in ban rate when using this in stealth vs mm?
  2. As title suggests. Got hit with a 2 day bot busting ban after a month of botting. Curious to hear how long people lasted after the temp ban. Thanks
  3. Hey Khal, any update to make the potion optional?
  4. Is there a place to check the current status of the bot?
  5. Any update on this?
  6. I need it for my other account that doesnt have a break manager built into the script
  7. Did you create or buy the account? If you originally created the account, perhaps your computer was compromised for a while (Possibly keylogged...). None the less, I would do a fresh install of your OS and try to recover account with any information you remember. I havent recovered an account on Runescape before but for other MMORPGs, I have had success with using information such as CC, transaction dates, etc...
  8. Is there a way to override the OSBot break manager?
  9. @TokenAny plans to add other quests? None the less, this script has worked very well so far!
  10. Ran for more than 100 hours now! Amazing script with no issues
  11. Are you taking breaks? You should try Mirror Mode Praying your account lives!
  12. Just watched your recent vid. You made some great progress!
  13. the profits are insane lol
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