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Suggestion for scripters

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create some skilling scripts that can instantly change what they are doing with basic chat interaction


example below (from 4 years ago when i started coding one, 2 lazy to finish)

obvious benefits being non bot like behavior/anti ban

also pretty cool if you wanna do multiple stuff without stopping/starting

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it's pretty obvious that jagex doesn't care about what you do ingame, by doing stuff repeatedly you create patterns. doesn't require a genius to filter out the bots

trying to act less bot like makes it even worse. Imagine you are right handed and on the next day you are trying to do stuff with your left hand :P

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I think this doesn't really make a difference. A better approach would be to not actually keep reading the text in there but just create a proper Task system in which you can insert tasks for it to execute.

Such as : First make 100 hard leather, then make 200 soft leather. I think that's a better approach then going with the chatbox message :)

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1 hour ago, Antonio Kala said:

They can just stop a script and start a new one, almost the same effort as typing one word.

you really don't get the idea lol

you have 15 acc farm. and imagine, you run them on 5 different VPS's. now, you just type in chat - go wc, and you runite miners after 2 hour of doing runite, goes to chop yews. 

no need to login to anywhere, just login to your PC with vnc from phone, login to normal client with your mule, and tell you farm to do different task.

no if you have 3 different VPS's with 5 account's each. You just login to different ClanChat, and command your whole farm to do something else.


Other way i see is bot control with telegram app. you wouldn't even need to VNC, just just to app and /msg to control your farms.

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