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  1. Usedd it once overnight Got banned RIP , set it to restbevery 25min for up to 7 min still didnt help. 2 day ban thats a good thing tho
  2. liked and would like to try it out, thanks!
  3. So I got this in game message while I was splashing in lumbridge on spider lvl 1. Casted 7k fire strikes didnt get any exp only this message dafaq is this bullshit. I tried to google it didnt find any answer dame always something new
  4. Value seems good to me idk
  5. Recently I sold all my osrs cash and now I am selling this account. I am the original owner of both accounts and I am willing to give all the necessary info needed. Reasons are pretty simple I don't have time to play and I lost interests, since I think I achieved all I wanted on osrs its time to move on. I only accept paypal as payment option. pure 99 USD or in game cash. We can use middleman or however the buyer wants. Baby NH pure login details Pure: https://gyazo.com/81407ae838323af3de1d6d9b4ae6c86a Bank: just some junk PURE: Bounty hunter teleport activated, ancients, quests completed pure: https://gyazo.com/81407ae838323af3de1d6d9b4ae6c86a account status https://gyazo.com/32096e5c498228670af421f4cb26dda8
  6. Sold all thread can be closed, thanks.
  7. 159m left if u are interested RN
  8. 0.60/m middle man small chunks however i just want to get rid of it only paypal
  9. I was botting magic(high alching on alt) and was legit training main and alt got banned main is good
  10. berserk3rv

    Gmaul pure

    https://gyazo.com/2ddc80ad4df319a80aeb24d6e869782a 64 cb gmauler pm if interested
  11. got 70 smithing in no time would reccommend to anyone. I used rest every 40 minutes for 5 minutes no probs at all
  12. hello sir can i have a trial to test it out?
  13. can i have a trial please?
  14. 123 cb main 96 piety veng b gloves pure 58 cb tribird has ancients good for rushing, it has low hp, I range guilded range exp. quitting rs, no active offences on all of the accs.
  15. no gloves or book but i can get those. there is cc on w18 for open maxed houses.. thanks for ur comment man
  16. I think ur price check is complete BS and lets leave it at there now bye ur anoying af
  17. Very clueless looking like a troll to be honest. So you are saying that I spent my free time to train str and wasted 10m on cannoing 82 range to sell it for 10m? very clueless indeed nice troll bro
  18. idk if ur clueless but 13 pray makes u hit more than 1 pray with 10 percent str pray also did it only for ancients 10m sounds like a joke
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