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Dispute against Karyza

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Disputed member: Karyza - https://osbot.org/forum/profile/211570-karyza/

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MJosrs Bought the account from TuttiFrutti which was sold by Karyza. I chipped in for the account as Mjosrs didn’t have enough money for it and TuttiFrutti was making it to be sold asap by telling my friend that someone else wants the account too. Therefore , Mjosrs paid 20m deposit to ensure the account to be his. Later that day he paid 80m and bought the account , changed the email to his. He asked Tutti about the OO and let the OO know that hes the new owner of the account now so if anything happens the OO can do recovery and give it back to him. I messaged Karyza myself as I knew him from before and ordered service from him. I told him that my friend MJosrs bought the account from tutti and whatever happens , don’t recover the account for tutti as he aint the owner anymore. Karyza said okay. Also asked Karyza that if he gave the original email to tutti or not as tutti mentioned karyza didn’t give it as it was personal email so I was jus making sure about it and karyza agreed he didn’t give as it was personal. But as Tutti got banned from the site, he messaged karyza that account got recovered and my friend MJosrs wants it to recover baack but karyza messaged me right away as to be sure if its recover or not as tutti was banned and cant be trusted. Tutti was jus trying to lie to him and wanted back the account to his possession but he failed. 
Later me and karyza talked just normally , Karyza said he needs $80m and asked me if my friend Mjosrs needs any service on the account so asked my friend and told karyza that my friend needs 80-94 fishing done and karyza asked for 60m for it and it was quite a cheap price and my friend liked it and trusted him as he was the OO of the account and we thought he wont do anything with the account. But my friend didn’t have that much money so he just paid 20m first to karyza for 80-85 fishing and gave him the details. The next day , the account got recovered and I messaged karyza right away , he was quite busy and replied me late and he said he didn’t recover the account but I was still skeptical about it because karyza himself said no one can recover the account unless its him himself. He said he sent the details for the account recovery but its gonna take a week. My friend MJosrs asked about it from others guys , they said recovery results comes instantly so made me curious.
I asked him bro it shouldn’t take a weeks time , and he was like I jus said about a week , prolyl 2 days it can be done. So I was like okay , after 2 days I messaged him anything new , he said nope not yet , and I asked whens the result gonna be out , he ignored me. So I tried myself to recover the account , I did forgot password , and they gave and email like l******@g****.com and I put the original email address into *** and it turns out to be karyza’s personal email. Which means he recovered account already and its not giving back to me.
And then he started saying shit it to me like oh I cant recover for u cuz tutti bought it from me not you and I was like I told u he sold account to my friend and me so why don’t u recover , he said tutti paid so he cant and later he was like oh the email which I made the account with it’s a fake email so I was like wtf u said its personal email and now its fake email?? 
So my friend Mjosrs messaged tutti back on discord asking him to help but he said ask the OO of the account (karyza) to recover the account for my friend. I sent the proof that tutti said ask the oo of the account to recover to karyza but he ignored me. Its been over a few days. That’s why I need your help Mods.

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1 minute ago, Night said:

@daweed Both Mio and I read this dispute and we have 0 idea what's going on? Are you disputing for a friend? You're aware Tutti is banned for scamming as well? Try to explain this a bit better (and shorter) so we can help.

okay. @MJosrs and me bought the account from tutti which was sold to tutti by karyza. tutti got banned, he went to karyza saying account is recovered but it wasnt recovered he was just trying to get back the account cuz he sold it to us. Karyza didnt help him , and he trusted us as i told him we are the new owners. We were worried that he can recover the account but karyza said tutti can never recover the account. 

After awhile karyza needed money and asked me to ask @MJosrs if he needs any service on the account we bought. offer was nice for fishing so we accepted. A day later, account gets recovered and email changes to karyza's personal email. Karyza said he needs a week time cuz recovery takes a few days. He was lying and stuff, asked him again about it and he started acting weirdly that he cant recover the account for us cuz he sold to tutti not us. but i told we are the owners now but he said he didnt care about it. I think as tutti got banned karyza thought he can get the account back or something since tutti cant dispute him if it gets recovered. Now hes jus ignoring us + i gave him the details of tutti saying ask the OO(karyza)  to recover the account for us but karyza is jus ignoring us.

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Like you know when tutti tried to tell karyza to recover the account , karyza didn’t believe him as he was banned plus tutti isn’t the owner of the account  , karyza knew. Karyza was helping us but later he goes the whole opposite saying that tutti is the one who bought  the account so he can help him recover not us.

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26 minutes ago, Karyza said:

I recovered it cuz I was asked to?

I'll just refund him I guess, I'm not able to till the weekend is over.

Interesting, you say you're away from home but using the same IP you have for months. 

@Karyza has been banned for scamming, if he wishes to return he'll need to refund the cost of the account + the cost of the services that were scammed.

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