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botting and playing on a main account

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On 3/19/2018 at 7:37 PM, auge1996 said:

can someone explain what does it mean, this proxy?

a proxy (with the osbot client) allows the account logged in to the client to appear to be on a different IP address. so its like using a vpn, except in this case only the one account is on the new IP. it allows you to then play on your main using osbuddy/koonduit/etc... and they wont appear to be on the same machine. so in theory you'll be safe. though do be warned, a most proxies A) have been used by other people. not necessarily botters, but could be flagged by certain sites and more easily be flagged by jagex. and B) they are likely not residential IP addresses so again, much more likely to be flagged by jagex.

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