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  1. Sorry for the issues. I think I had to change privacy settings back. And depends on how complex of a design/animation you wanted. PM me your discord and I can try adding you instead.
  2. More free time lately, so back in business. Discord is always the best way to get in contact since I don't check PM's here often except to verify discord users.
  3. I think the fishing bot is the one that got the ban, even though it was delayed. I've had multiple accounts banned now only using the fishing bot, but never an account using only this bot. though i only use this bot for smithing at varrock west, so maybe that location just has lower ban rates.
  4. how does one get access to the beta for testing? I have an account with over 80 farming and over 10m nmz points just collecting dust lol.
  5. [CLOSED] Just looking for 1-3 accounts with 99 fletching depending on what you have, other stats are irrelevant. lmk what you have so i can make an offer.
  6. Yo, could I get one of those 24/hr trials?
  7. deadfish

    Stealth Quester

    trying to use this script for the first time in a long time and the gui looks a lot nicer but seems to be completely broken on my end. none of the default presets show up, I can't add or edit gear, etc.. is there a resource folder for this app that might be missing? I tried completely deleting all osbot files from the pc and doing a fresh install with a fresh script update and I'm still having the same issue.
  8. Currently being worked on. I'll update this thread if anything changes.
  9. my bad, between being tired and being an idiot I couldn't think of the correct term so I just kept saying URL. lol. I haven't heard back from neon, so if you want to pm me a quote or something that'd be awesome.
  10. Pm'd. Hitting the sack tonight though but I'm looking forward to being in touch tomorrow.
  11. Currently being worked on. I'll update this thread if anything changes. Looking for 50 accounts to be created using emails @ a URL I recently acquired. The actual names of the emails wont matter as long as they are @ the correct website url.
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