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  1. Hello, I'm selling tutorial completed accounts with prime membership applied on them (14 days P2P). Price: 1-100: 900k 100+: 800k By purchasing you will get the login, password, and email used to confirm email (required during application of prime). I am not responsible for whatever happens to the accounts after you purchase them. Contact: Discord: TheBlurper#2654 Skype: live:theblurper
  2. Hello, I'm selling seasonal deadman gold. Current stock: 5M+ For current rates, please contact me, because they are fluctuating too fast. Skype: live:theblurper (I am more available through skype) Discord: TheBlurper#2654 Thank you
  3. I don't quite like custom handlers because they probably don't cover all error cases and requires passing of account data via arguments. I'll look into the break handler suggestion, thanks. Still looking for more suggestions!
  4. Hello, I have a use case in which I need the account to log off and STAY logged off for a few minutes, then log back in. Is it possible somehow to disable the auto login, and then re-enable it whenever I need to? Thanks, Blurp
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