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Security Issues :/


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Hey guys after sometime away from botting and rs in general ive came back. I recently found a simple method to make money on osrs without it playing much (merching). And Id like to make a script that has a master and a slave pretty much all slaves pull all ge offers, trade master. After all slaves have traded all items and cash to master, master splits up cash pile into whatever split between all accounts. After that it turns off the script.

Before even getting into the sripting ive ran into multple problems that I cant do because of security.

First being I have an account list of all my accounts ill be using. The problem is as soon as I try to attempt to load them into an hashmap the script ends with the following error.

Started script : GE Buyer
[INFO][Bot #1][02/20 01:22:15 PM]: Loaded 2 built-in random solvers!
[ERROR][Bot #1][02/20 01:22:16 PM]: Blocked permission: ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "getFileSystemAttributes")
[INFO][Bot #1][02/20 01:22:16 PM]: Terminating script GE Buyer...
[INFO][Bot #1][02/20 01:22:16 PM]: Script GE Buyer has exited!

How do you recommend I load them from a file? Cause Im constintly making more accounts for the list, and rather not hardcode it, or have to rely on another program to load them, than convert them into hardcoded strings for osbot. Which you guys could add special clauses for things like this. All its doing is making it harder on me, and im running it privately, plus dont all public scripts have to be looked over before being applied to the SDN? Thanks for everything guys!

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