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Road to paying rent through flipping


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Hello everyone!


I've always enjoyed flipping throughout my Rs career, and I've decided to track my flips as a side project and see if I can get to the point of paying my rent solely through flipping. I've tried some botting in the past and decided it wasn't for me; this is more appealing to me as I won't get banned (at least as easily) To accomplish this, I will need to make $15 a day, which I will approximate to 15m a day.

I recently sold an account to gain some extra capital, so I am starting this little series with 75m

I'm only flipping on 1 account right now, although that will likely change soon


Day 1:


Wrote up this nice thread :doge:

I made a new tab for this series in my professional spreadsheet. I tried tracking my flips with getracker in the past, but I didn't like the interface as much and it didn't show info the way I wanted.


Day 4:


Last couple days haven't gone as well as I would have liked, most of my main items have unfortunately become much slower to flip so I'm searching for some new items. I don't really have anything else to share so I guess I'll share some of my favorite items that I used to flip to give some inspiration for good items :) I think I'll do this every time I update, and I'll separate it into F2P and P2P.


F2P - Monk Robes (Top and bottom)

Great item for anyone starting out in F2P or maybe doing a 1k-1m gp series or whatever. From my experience, the bottom would work better than the top; I would consistently get 25%+ ROI's, but it depends on the day.


P2P - Revenant Caves Teleport

I was getting 10%+ ROI's on these, but could sometimes get up to 20% too. They are very unstable right now because of the Revenant Caves revamp; I'd stay far away from these for the time being, since we don't know when they'll crash once the Revenant hype dies down.





Week 4


Decided to update this probably twice a month.

I'm flipping on 2 accounts right now, I think I'm going to upgrade to 4 accounts and use the 2 new ones to swap gold right when the deadman seasonal starts and hopefully keep my current 2 accounts safe.

Profits are a bit lower than I was hoping, a lot of the items I would consistently flip became harder to flip, so I lost a lot of potential profit trying to find new items and coming back to empty GE offers. Regardless, I made nearly 20m from flipping alone in these past 2 weeks

I've been doing a bit of questing for people and I'm putting all my profits into this project.

I don't really know what else I should write here, I don't want to show all the items I'm flipping on the off-chance that someone else starts flipping them and will lower the profits for me.

Until next time.

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