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New Mith Glove Speedrun Record


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Aye. Beat my old record by a single minute lol. Mith gloves from tut island in 3h 56m. 

This run would have been 3h 45m most likely but I severely fucked up 3 times during Pirate Pete subquest (forgetting kelp costing me like 3-4 minutes) and during Fishing Contest (not finishing Pirate Pete so couldnt start quest, did this 2 times in a row and then not having fishing pass with me, costing me like 5-6 minutes)



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45 minutes ago, Lewie said:

what stats do you end up with? able to do without getting xp in attack for example?

You can do this without doing waterfall but it'd be a lot slower.

Just use poison bone knife and recoils to kill shadow of the storm boss. 

Plenty of people do mith gloves for their obby maulers.

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