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Automatic muling thoughts


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Why do only the big automated farms do this, its not that difficult to implement into scripts, 

the most advanced once I have seen sits splashing at range guild. every so often green dragon bots Tele to them with combat bracelet trades them their profit for x time then back to edge to continue killing dragons

they are also ones in f2p lumby 



exposed in this video


I would love to see something similar implemented in some of the the gold farming scripts.

low input methods to stay logged in with low risk of bans on the mules then optional trade API on the scripts for anyone who wants to remove the risk from farming accs get hit. 

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Well dunno why you call your example advanced, cause the mule will need to be logged in 24/7. Unless you override login handler.

The ones in lumby are beyond horrible, due to that anyone can trade them.

Though valid point on lowering the risk of bans while doing splashing.

Something that sounds about right would be to splash/do something else and then naturally do breaks. If a bot needs the mule, either the mule stops what it's doing or logs in.

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I don't really call that advanced. It's also not smart to not have a check to see if you're trading the right player. My muling system will send a request from the bot to one of the mules, the mule will log in and return with his username, both will check if they are trading the right player. This is the only right way to handle a muling system.

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