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RIP second main

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Dammit, boys, they got me.  1400 total main (botter).  Honestly, I'm surprised I made it this far.

I think it's the Jad script that got me banned (maybe 2 runs in 2 days is too much?).  Did a run with no prayer flick on Saturday which I failed.  Then Sunday I did a run with multi prayer flick, after which Monday morning I received a permaban surprise.

Thought they would at least hit me with a 2day first since I finished quite a few quests + diaries.  Tried to appeal, but got denied.


Time to try again.  Most depressing part is the early levels, and getting to the point where the bot can supply its own bonds.


I think this next run, I will try to get some video footage or maybe some screenies!

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