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  1. Hey guys, back to osbot since being out of the game for a long time. Was curious why i am not permitted to use the bot anymore? Is the bot 100% pay to use now? Thanks for any help!
  2. Hey, Lookin to buy 100mil osrs. Looking for price offers USD/mil PayPal Will go first if you have good rep
  3. Quests: Lost City, The Grand Tree Mith Gloves * Helping the cook. - Cook's assistant. * Freeing the mountain dwarf. - Fishing contest. * Freeing the goblins. - Goblin diplomacy. * Freeing evil dave. - Gertrude's cat. - Shadow of the storm. - Demon slayer. - The golem. * Freeingskrachuglogwee. - Big chompy bird hunting. * Freeingpiratepete. Red Quests need to be done Account has all stats needed! PM me price and how much supplies youll need!
  4. Bid Noted when i know a good auto-win ill post it
  5. Selling Multiple Accounts: I will do my best to continue to update offer priced and if/when an account is sold! Message me here or on skype or discord GavinD#1603 Starter Main (With Pyromancer Outfit): Current Highest Bid 15m (Dollyllama14) 99 Str, 95 Attack, 70 Def Main Account 99 Attack/Str/Def/HP
  6. Howmuch? Add my skype Didnt realize this was your post.. dink
  7. Looking for a good pking account for a starter. Want it from someone trusted or for the OO to be trusted.
  8. Do you still have the mauler?? Will give you the 65m. Add me on skype
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