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Opinion on Quashed Bans

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1 hour ago, Antonio Kala said:

They gave you a second chance, why do you want to back-stab their trust

Didn't give me a second chance they got out played. You're also on a botting website, by being here you're betraying them regardless.

1 hour ago, Imagine said:

how did you appeal and unappealable offense? 

Did 50 att 50 str 40 range legit, got people to skill and quest my account and got my friend to bot my account whilst I bot his. Knowing that due to the difference in IPs/location (We're from different countries), they'd think it's suspicious activity on the account and know the owner isn't playing it. A simple account recovery will get the ban quashed. Only done once before but account was banned 1 level from max, so I didn't need to bot it... Now I'm only half way from complete.

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