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Best skills botted?

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I've gotten to 85 mining through MLM using Khal Motherlode. I took breaks every 3 or so hours. Didn't bot more than 12 hours a day. Mixed it up with lots of actual playing and questing in between.


80 smithing using Khals Blast furnace and doing mith bars with shit I got from MLM. Same concept.


90 thieving from 55 using Perfect Thiever at Ardy knights. Literally suicided using this and still never even infracted once. This script is a masterpiece 95% of the time.


90 construction with Eagles AIO Construction. Did 6 hours of construction on oak larders a day until goal. Not much more and not much less.


FruityNMZ for high combat on various accounts. It's lit.



Id never recommend RC or Agility cus those have super high ban rates even with premium scripts. Got a 2 day on a new Ironman I made using Khals Rooftops doing 1-2 hours with 15-30 minute breaks and quests in between. 

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Maxed 75 Attack pure, and a maxed 60 Attack Piety build w/ 90 Mining & 89 slayer. Slayer was botted when account was a 50 attack pure w/ prayer potions & cannon for any task I could bot. The 90 mining was botted f2p only before I ever had plans to use the account as it was a semi-suicidal bot. No bans on either. No script from OSBot was used. Was from a different client back before I started writing my own.

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