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Botting and scripting to max

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Account 1 banned



I'm starting this thread to log my progress on botting to max. I know maxing is a very ambitious goal and I'll probably fail but why not aim for it? I'll also be setting up small goals along the way to keep me motivated. Most of these threads usually die within a week but I won't quit, unless I get banned of course. 

All the scripts I use will be written by myself with the exception of some skills that I will be using ghost mouse for.


Btw, is it worth blurring some skills or is it safe not doing it?

Anyway, here are the current levels. They are all botted with some shitty scripts I made months ago.  


At the moment the goal is to get 99 firemaking using the wintertodt script I'm developing right now. After that I will be focusing on some high ban rate skills like agility and runecrafting. It's best to get those out of the way as early as possible.





I'm back with another attempt at maxing. I've been botting this account for a couple months now. Same principles as last time, I'll do quests manually, use ghost mouse for some skills and bot the rest.

It has gone great so far but you never know when the ban hammer strikes. If you are curious about what methods I use, feel free to ask.

Currrent stats:



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1 minute ago, Jammer said:

Update guys. Kind of overdid fishing by mistake so I'm almost 70 fishing. 

Also started on an aio runecrafter so the plan is to do around 30 - 60min of runecrafting a day starting asap. 








I do really like to see these, if the OP decides to actually update :D.

Runecrafting? You're brave.

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As I mentioned I screwed up yesterday with the fishing. My teamviewer fucked up on my phone so I couldn't close the bot for the whole day. The ban hammer hit me today as I feared.

I sent an appeal so hopefully I'll get it back soon and if I don't I'll just make a new one. Kind of ironic to lose it this early when aiming for max, but that's how it is.

I'm gonna finish a couple of scripts in the meantime and come back stronger. 



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