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Mad Casper

Is there actually any sort of analyzing osrs (Jag) on where they ban you on.

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Hi all,

What I've been wondering about lately is, that: What if Osrs (big bro's jack) a.k.a. ''the eyes'', Ban you on something the system registrates as a banneable offense. 

Can you actually scan a analysis on the Big bro's jack his eyes, so to speak. As they are sniffing into your pc actually certain maps, as I understand it correctly?

On what kind of stuff they track you on: ''As to what kind of activity you was doing at the time''. So in possible future events, you can kind of prevent it from happening?


I'm really looking for a response, sooo badly :)



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4 minutes ago, botty1 said:

Most of you guys just talk about a lot of bullshit

loooool wot m8

you're talking about runescape banning us cus they are basically screen recording, no that's not how it works. 

time played in a row, amount of xp in short amounts of time, reports, same exact movements over and over without any error over 8 hours is sure suspicious. 

Unless you're saying osrs is a RAT and they using to access everything you do then your post doesn't make much sense, and if it is what you're saying then i'm sorry to tell you youre incorrect



EDIT: ive botted over 75 hours this week between 2 accounts with no issue, if this was a thing theyd be banned by now. simply learn from your mistakes that caused your ban and don't remake them, increase longevity of your accounts and if you're really good wont even get a ban on the accounts youd like to keep

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