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  1. Yes, that's when you get banned on osrs. #why
  2. What you guys are doing, is illegal and against the rules.
  3. You can blame the white bitch, for making this man.
  4. My life is thid fucked up.. I want to jump off a fucking bridge
  5. I want to know who hacked me, and his/her reason to do this. If I don't get a response...
  6. Hacking my Cellphone, is just a no-go.
  7. Two years

    1. Mad Casper

      Mad Casper

      We are not even in the same lane. (Trust me).

  8. All what this World will see is hate.
  9. Go ahead, please fuck me dead.
  10. Just saying: "Hello".
  11. Maldesto my bro! I would like to change my name to: ''The IRL pilot bro''.

    1. Mad Casper

      Mad Casper

      If you won't change my name, I'll fly to another bot site!

    2. Mad Casper

      Mad Casper

      And I'll be a fucking ghost you know...


    3. Mad Casper

      Mad Casper

      I did Nazi that coming!

      - Hitler

      Because I'm the cigar smoking black hat paps bro.

      - Churchill

  12. Mad Casper


    The system made this mane fucking insane Now I'm going to fuck you all
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