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Pc Zulrah ready accs

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5 minutes ago, Milk Truck said:

Honestly people say 60-80m, But for the people who are going to mass bot them or only bot them try to buy them for around 30-50m. So don't be surprised if you make them and you don't get as high as offers as people say.

30-50m for zulrah acc? acc must be botted so it won't work for botting.

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1 hour ago, D Bolter said:

why not? they can make over 150m before the account gets banned lmao.

"can" They also can get unlucky and get banned and make 0 profit. I never said he should sell it for 30-50m i said don't be suprised lol

1 hour ago, Goldas said:

i don't think anyone woud sell zulrah acc for 30-50m. Even if it with 2day ban it woud go ~60m

People with 0 rep or accounts that aren't selling. Like i said i never said he should sell it for that much, i said don't be suprised if people offer that lol

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